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Job Search in Switzerland – New Trends

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Though far less severe than in neighboring European countries, the rising unemployment rate in Switzerland as well as technological and social trends has resulted in a reshaping of the way most residents in Switzerland look for new jobs.

The majority of job seekers now use one or more internet job portals to identify interesting job opportunities. However, the burgeoning number of job boards and recruitment portals can make the job search process a daunting one.

It is best to begin by considering the environment one wants to work in and the nature of the job one is seeking. This allows the candidate to identify a few relevant job portals and stick with them, avoiding wasting time spreading efforts across a multitude of job sites. Job portals differ substantially in their access (some job boards don’t even let you see the ads until you register) as well as in their functionality for the job seeker and in the way the candidate’s information is used.


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