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10 golden rules to sell your assets

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Here are ten golden rules to succeed in your interview.
They are basic, but it seems to be worth repeating.

1. Prepare thoroughly for the interview. Gather extensive information about the company. Don’t give the impression of having just got off a flying saucer or that don’t care about being invited! To be well-prepared requires that you also plan your travel to arrive on time, dress appropriately, etc. Think carefully about how to present your assets and prepare your own questions.

2. Your state of mind: you have an opportunity for an interesting conversation with a person who needs to feel of interest too. Be happy and positive. It is a worthwhile experience. You will meet someone, learn about a company and get to know more about the job; in addition you will refine your sales skills through marketing yourself.

3. Talk in a decided tone, greet with a smile and
shake hands neither too soft nor too strong. A few words
kind, some light conversation. Being natural always
gives the best impression. Being natural does not mean being rude!
It is worth training to introduce yourself to others.

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