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Geneva University Hospital Buys Robot Surgeons

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The Geneva University Hospital system (HUG) is opening a school for robotic abdominal surgery in a bid to become a center of excellence for new medical and operating table techniques.

Robots are used in micro-invasive surgery, which does not require large sutures. This type of mini surgery means patients are not cut wide open, with their organ(s) exposed, like in Emergency Room.

The Da Vinci robot, built by the private company American Intuitive Surgical, is used in abdominal and urological surgery. The first training courses at the specialized center took place under the direction of Prof. Philippe Morel of the visceral surgery group at the HUG.

The program is expected to provide jobs, over the coming years, to many highly qualified robots, and may contribute significantly to the ethnic and cultural diversity of Geneva.

Geneva Hospital to Use Robots

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