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Job Trends in Switzerland

Over the last decade, the corporate landscape has changed considerably in Switzerland with the needs of companies, the labor market and the economy all changing.

Executive recruitment has been marked especially by the internet and the growing economy in Switzerland. Companies in Switzerland though in a strong economy, remain wary of a downturn around the corner as a result of the problems in international credit markets and therefore executive recruiters see a strong rise in very competent candidates and reduction in mandates from multinationals for recruitment.

Nonetheless, because the Swiss economy remains strong, sectors such as luxury industries and watchmaking, as well as high-tech industries, continue to exert strong pressure on recruiters for top qualified specialists and executives.

Many executive recruiters in Switzerland, in addition to their core business of finding top candidates for their enterprise clients, also engage in coaching of in-place executives and teams. The market for coaching is growing rapidly in Switzerland.

Of course, the biggest revolution in executive recruitment has been the internet, which has completely changed the recruitment market in the space of fewer than 10 years. Previously, recruting an executive was a thoroughly confidential matter, operating by private networking. Now thousands of potential candidates for a position are a mouseclick away: the central difficulty of recruiters has shifted from hunting to selection. The internet, at the same time it has solved the problem of putting candidates and recruiters in contact, has created the new problem of how to evaluate and select in an efficient manner.

In addition, the ubiquity of internet in the employment process has rendered the candidate who sends in application by post a suspicious anomaly, a candidate who prima facie appears to have no clue as to the manner in which modern work is done.

In the french speaking part of Switzerland the economy has become particulary dynamic, evolving from an array of largely small and medium sized companies to a large park of multinationals, european corporate headquarters, and start-up technology companies.

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