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1 in 7 Women Willing to Sleep with Boss for a Promotion

Researchers in the Netherlands have conducted a study among 1500 women across various professions to determine the frequency with which sex enters into the workplace.

In Holland, the studies found that more than one-third of women had had a sexual relationship with a colleague at work (other than their habitual partner if their partner works at the same company).

90% of those surveyed said that at least one of their work colleagues attracted them physically. Roughly 15% of those surveyed responded that they would be capable of using sex to obtain a promotion, with the reservation expressed that their boss attracted them.

In response to the question, “how would you react to a colleague putting his hands on your backside,” 3 in 10 responded that it depended on which colleague took this particular liberty.

Similar studies in the UK reveal that more than 1 in 3 female professionals have had a sexual relationship with a colleague at work, with 16 % of surveyed women indicating that they could be inclined to sleep with the boss for a promotion.

In France, roughly 25% of women have indicated having had a sexual relationship with a colleague at work and 14% of women surveyed indicated that they could conceivably sleep with the boss to secure a promotion.

Interestingly, the authors of these studies consistently focus on women. No studies have yet been published indicating what percentage of men would we willing to sleep with the boss in order to secure a promotion.

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