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What’s a Manager’s Role?

Management is art and it is science:

It is the art of making people more effective than they would have been without you.
The science is in how you manage to do that.

There are basic pillars:

  • Goal to achieve: define the target and figure out the best way to get there.
  • Analyse : What are your resources ? What can you get? Compare strengths and weaknesses of individuals. Look at all the probable scenarios and evaluate your different plans and develop what seems to be the best option. Don’t forget to ask the people doing the work for their input and also think of the worse case scenario.
  • Plan: Good management starts with good prior planning and the track record of accomplishments are part of your success.
  • Organize: Do the legwork to make sure everything needed to execute the plan is ready to go, or will be when required. Check back to make sure that everyone understands their role and the importance of their contribution to the overall success. Conveying motivation is the key of your future success.
  • Direct: Tell people what they need to do and coordinate the actions.
  • Monitor: You have to keep an eye on your staff, checking that everything is going according to the plan; you might have to step in to adjust the plan whenever necessary.
  • Don’t relax your attention: Problems will come up: someone will get sick or be dismissed; an element won’t be delivered on time; our accounting department won’t have paid an invoice on time, etc. That is why you need to have a contingency plan developed in the first place. You, as the manager, have to be always aware of what’s going on so you can make the adjustments required.

Management is an iterative process:

When something is out of sync, you need to fix it, organize the resources to make it work, direct the people who will make it happen, and continue to monitor the effect of the change.

Managing is necessary:

Managing people is not easy but can be a very rewarding experience.
Like any other skill, management is something that you can improve with study and practice.

Are managers linchpins?

Management 101″ says any organization other than a small, family-run business should have as corporate policy to ensure there are no linchpins in the organization… Well, I would say that good managers are linchpins while bad managers are flat tires which can lead to accidents!

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