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University of Geneva offers Masters Program in Trading

Geneva and Zug are important centers of trading activity in Switzerland for both raw materials and finished goods, providing a large number of jobs to professionals involved with dealing, brokerage and trading.

To meet the demand for experienced traders needed by local companies, the University of Geneva created last Spring a Masters Program in Trading, which will begin accepting students this October. The Masters in Trading will focus on trade finance, international trade, commodities and raw materials trading.

Spokesman for the program in the Economics faculty at the University of Geneva explain that Geneva is essentially a trading city. There are over 150 companies and 6000 professionals working in trading. The large number of companies involved with trading activities is remarkable in view of the current absence local opportunities for professional training.

This lack of study opportunities was remedied this month with the inauguration of the Masters in Trading Program. The faculty at the University of Geneva note that at this time only Paris, London and the East coast American universities offer this type of curriculum.

The program opened this month with 16 students, chosen from 50+ applicants, and will last 3 semesters, alternating between coursework and work experience in local companies.

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