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Job Search in Switzerland – New Trends

Since January 2009, the unemployment rate in Switzerland has continued to rise. Though it has remained considerably lower than other European countries, the rising jobless rate in Switzerland is nonetheless symptomatic of economic transition. The process of finding a job in Switzerland has evolved considerably, with internet taking a central role in the job search.

To find a suitable job on one of the numerous internet job portals, one has to begin by identifying the sort of environment one wants to work in and the type of job one is seeking. Starting off the job hunting process by considering how one’s profile fits into the above can help the candidate identify a maximum of relevant offers and avoid wasting time on a multitude of job boards.

After choosing a few job boards, its best to configure one or more profiles as completely as possible, and stick with those portals, setting up web alerts to be informed of relevant jobs as they are published.

For managers and top experts and specialists, sites such as topjobs, qual, and experteer tend to be the preferred portals, though sites such as the latter actually charge job seekers and carry the additional annoyance of obliging job seekers to jump through the hoop of their registration process to respond to or even just to look at their job vacanciess. Both Topjobs and Qual allow the candidate to browse jobs anonymously, which also provides maximum value to the publishers of job vacancies.

There is an increasing tendency among job portals toward smaller focus, either on a particular occupational sector, professional level, or geographical area. There are more job sites now focusing on single cities, on specifically student internships, on only managerial roles, or on solely the medical profession.

A further recent development in the recruitment process is the increasing use of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, et. al. to disseminate job opportunities and recruit ‘informally.’

Using social networks to hook up with an interesting job opportunity can be a delicate maneuver for the candidate if he does not plan well in advance. It is best to keep entirely separate those networks on which one socializes and those which one uses to ‘advertise’ one’s professional skill set.

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