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Line Problems Persist for qual.ch

More than three weeks after their inception the 24th of June, line problems continue to sap user experience for qual.ch.

Three weeks ago, following the replacement of a network component by the line provider, qual.ch began experiencing line bandwidth problems. The line provider scheduled the component replacement ostensibly “to resolve occasional line problems.”

The result has been users experiencing a slowdown in loading time by factors of 2 or 3.

The line provider, VTX, has responded to the problem by claiming that their technicians find ‘nothing wrong with the line.’ Thus no progress in fixing the problem has been made since 24 June.

Repeated measurements made by qual.ch network engineers since June with the http://speedtest.net bandwidth measurement tool have shown network bandwidth on the line dropping at times below 300k, a small fraction of the bandwith the provider is supposed to be supplying.

Technician’s at VTX have disingenuously responded that they do not accept Speedtest.net measurements as valid.

Engineers at qual.ch have expressed outrage at VTX’s attitude. Speedtest.net is a near universally-used tool, allowing consumers of ‘guaranteed bandwidth services’ from line providers to measure the bandwidth they are actually receiving.

In the meantime, users continue to experience slowness of access to qual.ch while the site’s engineers try to get their line supplier to “fix the problem rather than pretend it isn’t there.”

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