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Deadline for September Apprenticeships 15 July


Despite the morose economy and rising unemployment there remain several hundred apprenticeships in diverse sectors available for September in the Romandy area, according to Grégoire Evequoz of the Office for Orientation and Professional Training and Continuing Education.

Notably in such domains as ‘Employé(e) de Commerce,’ there remain more than a hundred slots still open. Also in the construction sector there are still many openings. The economy what it is, this probably says more about the desirability of these sectors among today’s youth. In the sector of health and social services there remain nearly a hundred slots for dental assistants, pharmacy assistants or health workers.

In the technical area, slots for apprenticeships remain in auto mechanics and industrial mechanics. There are also openings in the hotel and restaurant fields, as well as in applied arts and environment.

Applicant for apprenticeships in the Romandy area must send their dossiers by 15 July to the OFPC. (Documents to fill out are available at http://www.ge.ch/ofpc/actualite/default.asp?art=136.

Other info is available by pestering the bureaucrats at the OFPC, Service de la Formation Professionnelle, Rue Prevost-Martin 6, 1205 Geneva, Tel: 022 388 4400, Email: ofpc@etat.ge.ch

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