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Interim Management Solutions

In an epoch where good or uninspired management can make or break a company, there is a growing trend toward ‘interim management’ solutions.

Often companies simply cannot wait until the right candidate is found. In the current economic climate, many companies needing an experienced executive management may not be able to wait the 6 – 12 months often required to recruit a top manager. Interim management solutions can provide the remedy.

Among the companies offering such interim management solutions, CEO-Europe offers a flexible ‘Management on Demand’ solution. CEO Europe offers certified top executives available with a minimum of 15 years of professional experience, covering 166 countries in Europe, Asia and the US. The recruitment process takes about three weeks, the executives can be contracted on a permanent or temporary basis.

CEO-Europe illustrates the phenomenon of interim management solutions with the case of Glowria, an online video rental company which was rapidly losing business – shareholders needed a capable manager to come on board right away and turn the company around or close it. The company was turned around in 7 months, thanks to an interim manager.

This type of scenario – a company that needs to recruit an experienced manager rapidly—is becoming more and more frequent. CEO-Europe develops and maintains a ‘manager pool’ and promises its customers a short-list within one week and an overall recruitment cycle of 3 weeks.

In the case of Glowria, the interim manager needed to rapidly obtain a commercial and financial turnaround. To achieve this, the manager chose, Eric Caen, had to manage in parallel several major projects, such as raising funds, developing sales and to restructuring the company.

One of the pitfalls of interim management – or any recruitment where a manager from outside the company is brought – is that the manager is often perceived as responsible for downsizing staff.
And is this sometimes the case.

Whether it is or it isn’t, the manager needs to win the confidence of the managed.

In the case of Glowria, Eric Caen though judged that his internal resources were competent and efficient staff but not working effectively as a team. The team needed a leader to unite and channel these energies. That formed part of his strategy to turn the company around:
Structure, Convince, Motivate

In the above case, which dates from 2007, the interim management solution was able to bring the company back to profitability through strategy and more efficient use of the company’s resources, without dismissing any staff.

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