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Make yourself and others happy at work


Is your organization suffering from any of these serious symptoms?
- Contagious lack of motivation
- Infectious corporate absenteeism
- Considerable employee turnover
- Every day conflicts between so-called management and employees
- Lack of creativity and innovation
- Obsessive struggle against change
Then, you should read Happy Hour is 9 to 5 by Alexander Kjerulf who explains how to convert workplaces from tedious and nerve-racking to more enjoyable, energized and blissful.

This book is a therapeutic guide to making yourself and others happy and sane at work. Because loving what you do is crucial, more productive and therefore even profitable for your maybe sick company…

Then, you may ask, why do people actively resist positive change? You shall read Change by Paul Watzlawick studying the paradoxical nature of personal change.

On the contrary, you might be a lucky and cheerful worker, which is unusual nowadays.

Your organization is based on the following advantages:
- Employees set their own working hours
- Staff decides on their own salaries
- All meetings are voluntary and open to everyone
- Employees hire their own bosses and rate them twice a year
- HR has been almost abolished

Does this company exist in Switzerland? I don’t know but it does exist in Brazil! You might want to apply for a job at Semco, which reinvented or abolished the traditional organization. Have a look at Ricardo Semler’s The Seven-Day Weekend to know if it’s worth sending your application…

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